Ultimate Postcard Template Guide

Ultimate Postcard Template Guide

You’re likely here for a postcard template, but I’ve got so much more in store for you. Sure, I’ve got 100+ postcard examples below, but if you’re here for a postcard marketing template that converts, well you’ve come to the right place. We know the conversion rates because we’ve either talked to the folks who sent them or because we see these cards so often, that they clearly must convert. This post will first give you a little video overview of what this post hopes to accomplish, then give you some samples, then talk about how you can get your postcard template reviewed for for free. The only thing we won’t do is tell you how to grill the perfect stake in 10 minutes (that’s Cowboy Kent Rollins’ job).

Postcard Template Overview Video:

2 minutes and 12 seconds that will change your life (if your life is defined by postcard templates, that is…)

1. Three Postcard Templates That Convert

We’re going to jump into three postcards that we know convert, so you can see some things that killer postcards have in common
Chase has sent me this card probably 12,014,104 times in the last 6 months… so clearly it’s working for them.

Chase Postcard Template

Here’s a card that generated so much business for Seville that they actually dropped the ball on several $3k/month customers! Dannng!

Postcard Template Yard Back Postcard Template Yard Front

This card is send via EDDM (every door direct mail, basically to entire areas and a much reduced cost). A little bird told me that they get about a half a percent conversion rate. That’s an OK conversion rate for paid lists, but it’s an AMAZING conversion rate if you’re blanketing entire area with cheaper EDDM cards.

Postcard Marketing Experts: Imperfect Produce Front Postcard Marketing Experts: Imperfect Produce Back

2. Three of Our Favorite Postcard Templates

We can’t really speak to how well these cards covert, but we love them. They follow all the guidelines of a killer high converting campaign. If you are going to steal any postcard, these are the ones we’d steal :).

GrubHub’s card is colorful, catchy, has a product related to what they are selling, and has a clear and compelling offer, reinforced on the back side of the postcard. This is what you should aspire to when building your own postcard template for other people to copy :).

Chipotle does some of the same clear things that GrubHub does. Compelling headline (even better, with an integrated offer), a California-favorite mashed avocado pictured, and subtle branding that highlights that their food is farm fresh. If free was featured any more on this card, you might just lose sight of what it is you’re getting.

This is actually one of our least favorite postcards. I wanted to throw it in the examples sections so you had a clear and obvious contrast. Unclear headline. Unclear offer. Two competing designs. Unclear product. Terrible images. Not benefit focused at all. This is just a mess of a postcard. Your headline should not be “Hi again” that doesn’t mean anything. Don’t use Jet’s card as an example… this may be why Walmart bailed them out :p. 

jet.com postcard

3. Resources to Build a Killer Postcard Template

First of all Scout has Downloadable Postcard Template for InDesign (Dropbox, 114MB) that includes a lot of our designs that you can steal.

Rhea is our local SF designer that designs postcards for our clients for $250/card.
Devesh (mailto) is our more-affordable off-shore designer at $50/card.

Beyond reaching out to our designers (which you’re free to do). We have some free editable templates inside of Scout Studio, too.

4. How to Design Your Own Postcard Template

While we have talked about this on the blog before (btw, those are his actual eyes), we’ve got a quick summary below about what makes a postcard convert.

Design Postcards that Convert

Postcard Template Design Guidelines:

  1. A big clear 3-6 word headline
  2. Three bullet points (rule of 3). Ironically, ignored in this list.
  3. An great image of your product or a great image generally (unsplash.com and pixabay.com).
  4. A clear offer, that feels like cash, and has an expiration date.
  5. A big call to action.

Your postcard should feel like cash, people shouldn’t want to throw it away. Make your impression… you only have 3-5 seconds to do it.

5. Scout’s Postcard Community Will Review Your Postcard For Free

We love looking at postcard designs. We’ll review your design for free before you send it, even if you don’t use us to do the sending. If you’re ok with it, we’ll even blog about it to promote your service. Just send us an email or chat with me in the browser and we’ll happily provide our feedback.

Join On Our Facebook Community for your free review.

6. Every Postcard Template We Have Ever Seen…

Besides just providing you with some of our classic postcard templates, I wanted to include a bunch of images to inspire you. Here are all of the designs of all of the cards that we’ve reviewed at Scout. Hopefully they will help you as you design your card.

If not, I’m always in the bottom right hand corner :).

Bed Bath and Beyond Postcard Bed Bath and Beyond Postcard Imperfect Produce Front Imperfect Produce, Back Side. Back side of the Container Store Postcard DoorDash postcard, front. The front side of the Container Store Postcard

Postcard Example: Banana Republic Back Postcard Example: Banana Republic Front Postcard Example: Drizly Front Postcard Example: Drizly Back Postcard Example: Equinox Front Postcard Example: Equinox Back Postcard Example: Amazon Front Postcard Example: Gap Back v2 Postcard Example: Gap Front v2 Postcard Example: Banana Republic Back v2 Postcard Example: Banana Republic Front v2 Postcard Example: Trader Joes Back Postcard Example: Epic Church Back Postcard Example: Epic Church Front Postcard Example: Container Store Back Postcard Example: Container Store Front Postcard Example: BMW Service Back Postcard Example: BMW Service Front Postcard Example: Verizon Back Postcard Example: Verizon Front Postcard Example: SF Giveway Back Postcard Example: SF Giveway Front Postcard Example: Sloat Garden Back Postcard Example: Sloat Garden Front Postcard Example: State Farm Back Postcard Example: State Fram Front Postcard Example: Amazon Fashion Bakc Postcard Example: Amazon Fashion Front Postcard Example: ACT Front Postcard Example: ACT Back Postcard Example: Workshop Back Postcard Example: Workshop Front Postcard Example: Banana Republic Back v3 Postcard Example: Banana Republic Front v3


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