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Send Physical Postcards to Trump Online
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Want to send postcards to trump online? Or to send custom postcards to any number of folks in the Whitehouse or Congress? Want to even know if they have read your postcard? Scout Studio can help you design custom cards with customized messages to participate in YOUR government!

Send Postcards to Trump Online

Here’s an overview video that will show you how to send custom postcards to Trump and anyone at the White House or Congress.

Structure Your Images and Messages

One of the neat things about sending your postcards to Trump using this system is that you can structure your address spreadsheet with unique variables and images. Here’s our example trump postcard spreadsheet. We know we got the address right, the White House told us so! That means that you can send 100 different White House staffers a postcard that dynamically injects your message to each of them and dynamically injects pictures to each of them.

Example Postcards to Trump

One of the neat things you could do with this is send different postcards to Trump. Inside of Scout Studio you can build a postcard with unique image links that are dynamically inserted into each card. This means you could run 100 different postcard designs just with variables. So if you wanted to show the effects of issue X you could dynamically insert those images.

Personalized Images Send Postcards to Trump


You could also dynamically insert logos per postcard based on the issue. This way you can send multiple postcards to trump and each of the members of his cabinet with customized messages for each person.

Send Postcards to Trump Back

The best thing about it is that if you look at the link you’ll notice there is a unique code. That unique URL is matched to a specific person and specific postcard. That means that you’ll be able to know if Donald Trump viewed your postcard and visited your website! Whoa!

Send Postcards to Trump and Track Them



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