Postcards for Realtors: A picture of every house and its estimated value

In the Real Estate industry, sending postcards is often called “farming.” It’s a process where you send the same postcard to as many people as you can for as cheap as you can to advertise one of three things:

  1. That you’ve just sold a house nearby.
  2. That you’ve just listed a house nearby.
  3. To find out if anyone is interested in selling their house.

This tactic has its place and it can be really useful, but at Scout we can do better. We want to provide prospective clients with information they will find useful, tailored to their house.

Your House, Your Valuation 

Here’s an example of a card that we made for realtors, Scout style. It includes a picture of your house along with the valuation of your house. Whoa.
How’s that for personal! We wanted to provide home owners data that would get them to act, data that was relevant to them. Here’s how we did it.


Google Street View API

We used Google Street View’s API to pull in pictures of homes. You can submit an address to the API and Google will provide you the image of the home in question. Now, not all areas are equipped with Street View, but you’d be impressed with what’s out there (yea, that’s Alcatraz).

Zillow API

We then combine this information with the Zillow API, which provides estimated home values for tons of addresses.

When you combine these two data sources, we’re able to provide home-owners a pretty compelling reason to contact the realtor. This type of card provides proof that the relator is tech-savvy as well as knows that the best relationships are those that start by providing your customer value first.


The Back Story

We also created a back site that was based on design by one of my close friends, who sells 3-5M homes. The back side of the card is important because it provides information about the relator as well as the company they are associated with. A face, so that the prospect will start to become familiar with our fictional relator Jordan Grable (while my name is Jordan, I don’t look like that, and that picture was generously donated by my good friend Paul Bellinger).

Great photography, a customer testimonial, and a big bold headline that confirms that Jordan Grable not only can move a home fast, but that she can do it at over list price is what makes this postcard one that will help get you in front of new customers.



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