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Postcard Marketing Examples to Knock Your Socks Off
Example postcards that will help you convert.
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The Best Postcard Marketing Examples

I run a Facebook Group whose members send millions of pieces of direct mail a month. Here are my favorite postcard marketing examples. My friend Devesh will happily convert any of these into a template for you for $50 to use inside of Scout or Illustrator/Photoshop to send off to your own printer. Just shoot me a note and I’ll intro you.

Let’s dive into why these are the most effective postcard marketing examples and why you should steal them. I’ll make this quick.

Chipotle’s Eye Catching Postcard Idea

If you’re looking for some marketing postcard design inspiration, look no further. Chipotle’s postcard is a real eye catcher. Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational, has shown us that the power of free is undeniable.
The best thing about the front of this postcard is that it uses free twice, has the product as the featured image, and the brand is used a subtle reminder.

Postcard Marketing Examples: Chipotle's use of FREE Front

The most effective postcard marketing for consumers almost always uses offers. And Chiptole’s is a doosie. Free stuff. They also have their brand front and center, expire the coupon, and make free as big as possible.
You should copy this postcard for sure.

Postcard Marketing Examples: Chipotle's use of FREE Back

Sprig’s Effective Postcard Marketing Example

The front of Sprig’s card is almost perfect. The images are great, showing multiple different types of food. But if you learn anything about good postcard writing, it’s that your headline should be the main focus. Sprig focused in on their name, not their benefit. And their offer was below that. While we like the design a lot, if you’re building a postcard you should use your headline to educate your customers about what your service does.

Postcard Marketing Examples Sprig Back

Now we’re talking! This side of the design is much better. Again, their logo is too big and annoying. They should focus in on the headline that’s smaller.
Overall the postcard has all of the elements of running a successful conversion campaign, but doesn’t actually convert on those promises with this execution. With just a few tweaks, you should be able to use this design and improve upon it.

Postcard Marketing Examples Sprig Back

Sprig’s Effective Postcard Marketing Example

Like Sprig, the Container Store’s card is a good place to go for some marketing postcard design inspiration. While we prefer that your postcard headlines are more about your product and less about your offer, free is certainly a compelling way to get your prospects to read more. And, unlike Sprig, the Container Store explained what elfa is here on the card. And they also mentioned the expiration date.

This is the distillation of the perfect postcard. The brand. The offer/headline in big bold letters, a description of what the company does, an expiration date, and a nice beautiful picture.

Postcard Marketing Examples from the Container Store Front

Hitting on the power of free here again is pretty aggressive, maybe this side should focus in on the benefit. But the fact that they have three examples of what elfa can do, a clear expiration date, and almost nothing else is to be commended (besides the legal text). The best marketing postcard designs are all ones where less is more. Write and say less, distill your message to just the most important parts.

Postcard Marketing Examples from the Container Store Back

GrubHub is Our Favorite Postcard Sample Design

If you need marketing postcard design inspiration, look no further! GrubHub’s postcard is probably the best we have ever seen. It’s bright, colorful, engaging, provocative, has a clear compelling offer, and an expiration date. It’s also formatted landscape, to draw you eye.
This is the best postcard to steal.

Postcard Marketing Examples GrubHub Front

On the back side of this card there is a clear offer in big bold letters. The expiration date is prefaced with hurry, and there’s a specific time that the offer expires. Remember, the best marketing postcard examples say exactly what they need to say and nothing more.

Postcard Marketing Examples GrubHub Back

Postcard Writing Ideas, Inspired by Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box has some clever postcard writing here. Their headline is not about their offer, it’s to remind you that you have so many tasty burger options. This postcard is the perfect distillation of everything to do with your card. Catchy headline, mouth watering images, explanation, and some tiny amount of branding.

Postcard Marketing Examples Jack in the Box Front

As far as a postcard marketing example you should copy, this is a pretty good one if you have this many offers to make. It’s rare that you can focus almost your entire postcard on offers for your customers. Generally it’s best to stick to one offer, but Jack in the Box is pretty clever to allow their customers to pick the offer that interests them the most.

Postcard Marketing Examples Jack in the Box Back

A Postcard Sample Message We Love

Imperfect Produce is probably our most favorite postcard marketing example in the batch. They show you some super ugly produce and their headline is both informative and eye catching. It’s the perfect headline, really.

Appealing to emotion is always a good thing, and their mission at Imperfect Produce is good too. Adding in facts also helps, it’s really good to educate your customers.
Their offer could be clearer, it could have an expiration date, and they could say less… but overall we love this postcard!

100+ More Postcard Marketing Examples

The best marketing postcard designs are so dependent on your list, and who you’re targeting. These sample designs and writing tips (remember, keep your headline short and informative) should help you design a killer postcard. Copy what you’ve seen here!

While these are our very favorite postcards for design inspiration, we also run a private Facebook group for Postcard marketers that you’re welcomed to join.
We have a private repository of over 100+ postcard marketing examples and other content that should help you!

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