Unique Real Estate Postcards

Unique Real Estate Postcards With Killer Data

What do we mean when we say unique real estate postcards? As it stands, real estate professionals send some crazy weird postcards. Like out of left field weird. This is not what we mean. The direct mail industry seems to cater to these weird desires, too. Postcards are not like clickbait, you need to be adding value to your customer.

The more data you leverage, the richer the personalization, and the higher chance someone will be delighted by their mail, instead of tossing it into the trash.

When asked “Does the customization or personalization of a direct mail piece make you more likely to open/read it? Over 80% of respondents said yes.With numbers like that, you need to be personalizing.


So instead of sending recipes, pictures of fake money, or bad puns, send data that impresses your prospects.

Maps make for unique real estate postcards

There’s a ton you can do with maps to male unique real estate postcards. I’m not talking about simple maps of areas, I’m talking about maps that are uniquely generated for every single home. Here’s quick hit list of ideas that can help you stand out.

Just listed postcards are great for getting the word out that you have a property on the market. Here’s some ideas for making them ultra personal.

You can print a map that’s unique to every single card that gives people a map from their house to the just listed property so that they know how to get there and so that they know you’re an expert in their market.

Unique Real Estate Postcards, Directions

Custom map with directions from the recipient’s house to the open house. But, you can do even more with maps.

This map shows a just listed property of your with directions. It also shows nearby addresses. This cements you as an authoritative source on the local market, showcasing to your customers that you know what’s going on.

Please don’t tell our designer that I put these together… they are just quick visual mocks of the types of things you can do. Our actual postcard designs may contain these elements, but would look much different on an actual card.

Now this is what we mean when we say unique real estate postcards… custom to each person.

Unique Real Estate Postcards: Nearby

Maps don’t always have to be about showcasing the neighborhood either. A nice satellite view can bring the attention of the viewer into the postcard.

This is a company called Knock. They have a crazy guarantee, where they will buy your home if it doesn’t sell in a specific period of time.

We designed this card for them. Notice that their is a unique quote that they generated and the address is printed in the design a few times to emphasize that this is a super personal postcard.

Unique Real Estate Postcards: Space View

Things get even more interesting when you can use things like Street View to show actual homes. Now, we know that most realtors don’t like to give a specific home value on the postcard as they prefer to hide it behind a lead capture form.

In this case though, we are showing it to the home owner. We can pull this data from anywhere like Zillow, Trulia, a spreadsheet, etc. This is what makes for a unique real estate postcard.

Unique Real Estate Postcards: Street View

Most realtors know that Zillow and Trulia have terrible data, but those looking to sell their home may not be aware. Here’s a satellite shot that shows the home along with the value that Zillow says the home is worth.

This is a chance to educate the customer, to provide value to them. This also builds trust and connects their home with your knowledge.Unique Real Estate Postcards: Space View and Zillow

But maps aren’t all that there is, to create a postcard that drives unique value it’s best to combine map data with variable text data.

Variables custom to each card can help you stand out

There’s a ton more that you can do to standout in the text too. Here’s a nice itemized list.

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Home Address (seems obvious, but it’s worth repeating in text)
  4. List of nearby addresses and prices you’ve sold in a table
  5. Calculated distances

But, it gets even better than this. We can get a bunch of speciality data on homes.


Unique Real Estate Postcards: Variable Text

Individual data

At the individual level we can get age, gender, marital status, household income, and if there are kids in the house. This data is actually so good, it’s a bit creepy, so it’s best used to build a targeted list, and not to use specifically in the postcard. But, you could always allude to this data… e.g. a postcard titled “saving for your kids?” might be a good trigger for people with kids.

You don’t have to print variables on every card to make unique real estate postcards, you can also choose you text and copy based on who you’re targeting.

Home data

This is your sweet spot.  You know that they are an owner and when they bought the home.

Titles like, “A lot has changed since 1992” where 1992 would be a variable year based on when they bought their home.  Or, “since 1965 your market has grown by 1,425%.” You even know when the home was built. So you could say, “Other homes built in 1992 have sold for way over market.”

Sales data

The reason that unique real estate postcards have meant cheesy recipes, terrible graphics, and this. If you’re a killer agent, your data should show it. Why not tell your customers? “I’ve sold x homes all within a half mile of your home.” Or, “In San Francisco, I’ve closed over $40M in homes.”

There are tons of ways to standout when you’re doing direct mail, without being weird. Use data. Inform the customer. Provide value. That’s what we mean when we talk about unique real estate postcards.


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