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Every Door Direct Mail Route Targeting Tool Reviews
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There are tons of every door direct mail route printing shops. The key to the success of your EDDM campaign is great targeting. Targeting is often some combination of demographics or location. Almost all EDDM tools we have found are half-service, they do some things really well and then make you struggle to complete your campaign. The good part about this is that, with not too much work, you can use one tool for the targeting, another for your template, and another to print and send the cards. This is a PIA, but it will allow you to convert the highest number of people at the lowest cost.

So today, we’re looking at targeting. We’re going to start by simply showing you videos of the targeting process for the top major tools.

Video: Every Door Direct Mail Route Targeting

We put together a video overview of each of the tools the you can use to target every door direct mail routes. Take a look.

Text Summary: Review of Top 6 Tools

We’ll look at a key screenshot for the most important pieces of each tool.


Where else to begin but the USPS tool. This tool is one of the most robust tools out there, even if you can’t do the printing from here. Notice that I can hover over route and see how summaries of each route. The best thing about the USPS tool is that it has a ton of data, relative to other tools.

It also gives you an easy way to see what USPS charges for their postage for the routes you’re targeting. It’s kind impressive to see this tool and USPS has one of the best every door direct mail route targeting tools.

USPS Every Door Direct Mail Route Targeting

But this type of local targeting should really be left to the Staples tool (below). What the USPS tool really excels at is targeting the best carrier routes across multiple zip codes. You can type in 14 different zip codes at a time… but it’s a little bit wonky. One fluke zip code and the search will fail.

When it works though, you can add in filters for residential, businesses, ages, size of homes, and income ranges. Just like with all the other tools, you can copy out these zip codes and routes to send to your printer.

The USPS tool is best for nation wide targeting. Staples does the best job at local targeting…

USPS Table Every Door Direct Mail Route Targeting

Staples (same as and Taradel Direct)

Note, this tool is the same as and Taradel Direct Mail. So, if you want to use one of these printers, start there and not at Staples. Check here to find the cheapest tool for printing.

Remember, these are all averages. So everything you see in this post and all Every Door Direct Mail route targeting tools are averages. But, they are averages by carrier route. This means a much smaller group of people (generally hundreds, not tens of thousands).

Staples has criteria for income, age, home ownership, and if kids are in the home. Staples has one of the best eery door direct mail route targeting tools if you’re looking to do hyper local targeting.

Every Door Direct Mail Route Targeting Staples Heatmap

Once you type in your address you click the radius tool to see which carrier routes are within 1, 2, 5, or 10 miles around your business. The Drivetime filter is a little bit useless here in San Francisco as we’re city of walkers.

It’s a little bit hard to understand exactly what’s going on here. Basically there are only 5 levels on this heat map and the hottest routes are based on how well that carrier route matches the demographics I selected. You should hover over every one of the brightest red routes and see the percentage match for each route as some of raw deepest red routes are a 20% match, while others are a 50% match.

Every Door Direct Mail Route Targeting Staples Map

Overall, this is our pick for doing local targeting for small businesses. The heat map is cool and there are just enough features to make the demographics useful. The actual printing and postcard design process is still a huge pain in the butt, but the nice with the targeting tools is that once you know the zip codes and carrier routes that you want… you can take your business anywhere.

EDDM Experts (same as Image Media and Sonic Print)

Targeting is absolutely the best thing you can do to help your direct mail campaign convert and targeting is the most important part of that. EDDM experts, like, has licensed their targeting tool out to other print companies.

Notice something important about this tool, the income increments are less granular on the income scale, but you can more finely target older people.


The EDDM tool is a bit more confusing to me than Staples. The colors are muted and it’s much harder to tell what is a great match. For example, this carrier route (C021) is a 32% match to my selection above… but it looks light green.

EDDM Experts

The best thing about the EDDM tool is the Table View. Even though the map isn’t as good at Staples, the Table is great as it allows you to easily see the % match based on your criteria. The other nice thing about this table view is it allows you to target all of your city based on the best match. This is super nice if demographics are way more important to you than specific locations.

EDDM Table


This tool is different than most of what we’ve seen above… it auto-highlights all routes within a 1 mile radius of your search route. You can then select them (blue).

While the targeting demographics aren’t as a good as the tools above, it’s really nice to be able to see which routes are within a 1 mile radius of your target. Plus, to be able to see those visually while matching that with a table of the stats is helpful for picking the best routes.

PrimoPrint does a lot of things kinda well. It’s maybe a good tool to use to verify your zips and routes look good after you’ve used another tool to define which routes you prefer.



This tool sucks, in every way. Don’t use it.

Express Copy

Printing For Less

This tool we like, but not for every door direct mail route targeting. It’s a single form to ship your campaign, which is way simpler than other options. But, the targeting tool isn’t great. While it does allow me to hover over zip codes, there is no way to target by the demographics of those carrier routes.

That’s all that’s fit to print. For nationwide targeting we like the USPS tool, but for local targeting, we prefer the EveryDoorDirectMail tool. Every door direct mail route targeting isn’t as easy as building a custom list, but targeting the routes with the demographics and location that best typify your customers is the single best thing you can do for your direct mail campaign.

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