DoorDash: An A- Postcard Overall

I’m not a huge fan of DoorDash, but I must admit that they knocked out a pretty solid postcard. Overall they have a clear design that’s personalized, simple, and provides a pretty compelling offer. But there are a few things they could do a bit better. Their colors are hard to read and the back side of the postcard is cluttered.

The Front

Overall this is a really solid front design, A-.

DoorDash postcard, front.The wins

  1. Simple: There’s not a lot of text, there’s an offer, and a hero shot. It’s simple and simple is best for postcards. You have 2 seconds to make an impression.
  2. Delicious: My eye first focuses on the frys and how good they look, then I see the offer. That’s a great 1-2 punch.
  3. A clear and great offer: 7 bucks off even a 20 dollar dish is not chump change.

The losses

It’s a pretty solid postcard, honestly, but there are just a few things that dropped them down from an A to an A-.


  1. A bit too wordy:  What about simplifying the message? Great Local Food, Delivered! I just said in 4 words what it took them 10 to say.
  2. Hard to read: It’s hard to read what they do (white on white background). Why didn’t they make the coloring pop a bit more like the did on the offer?
  3. No clear expiration: They could have also dropped the Get and replaced it with Expires underneath or Until X date. You need to provide an incentive to act.

The Back

The back is B+ because it’s cluttered, but it’s also pretty personal. So overall, B+ for adding relevancy to me.

DoorDash Postcard Back side

The wins

  1. Big bold offer:  The 7 bucks off is pretty huge and is surrounded by Red. Your offer should be one of the largest things on your postcard.
  2. Includes content near me: Awesome work on including places I know and probably have been to and like.
  3. Tracking their results: Notice that offer that looks like it’s super targeted to me. SF the mailing number and the area look to be included. There are some brilliant data driven marketers on the other end of this card.

The losses

  1. Too much crap:  What the heck DoorDash, there’s text all over the place. Really, “just for me?” or is it just for everyone? And why not say, “Order Online, We’ll Deliver It” and nothing else? Get me to the website / app and then handoff the conversion funnel to the website folks. I don’t need your Twitter handle.
  2. No clear expiration or reason to act now: That expiration date is super tiny and if I recall it was very soon after I got the card, so I felt duped when I went to use it. Make the expiration date semi-big and clear.
  3. Hard to read and weird hero images: The text is difficult to read and is that beer with ice? Iced tea? Do you deliver that? Why is the sandwich cut off?

Overall this postcard is pretty great, but you can do better.



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