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Dear Realtors: Personalize Your Postcards with Data
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There’s so much data that realtors can use to provide prospective buyers and sellers useful information.
Let’s take a look what’s out there and how you can use it.

Don’t Deny Great Data

There’s a lot of data out their on home owners. Let’s talk about the two most important types of data.


Targeting data is by far the most common type of data. This is basically demographic data. Some relators don’t target at all, just blast postcards to entire zip codes. That doesn’t make any sense. You can get address lists by all sorts of criteria on consumers that include:

  1. Home value
  2. Intent to sell
  3. Income
  4. Approximation of Credit Score
  5. Specific distance targeting

You should absolutely be targeting this way, instead of wasting money sending postcards to every single home in a zip code.


This is the exciting piece, no one is doing this today because most realtor postcards are boring. Let’s take a look.

House level data. From the sky. From Zillow. 

Here’s an example we put together. This postcard is unique to every home and it includes two pieces of data. Check it out.

Relator Postcards

Not only do we show their house from space, but also we show what the internet says their house is worth.
Most realtors know that Zillow’s home prices aren’t too accurate, so we made this postcard to inform the home owner of the value that an agent can provide, that their knowledge isn’t just replicated

MLS Data along with Street View

We also put together a sample of a card that uses Google Street view images to show people a picture of their home from the street. This type of personalization will greatly increase your read rate on any card.

Street View Postcard

In some cases you can use MLS data directly or take an average of nearby homes to provide an estimate of a person’s home. It doesn’t have to be perfectly accurate as you’re only optimizing for a reply. You want the home owner to call you to learn more.

Startups have killer data, too

What’s much more interesting is data from companies like HomeTrackr. They have every contractor, inspection, and every piece of public data on every home. This means you could send a postcard to each address with their entire history (or partial history) of every contractor that ever worked on their home.

This is actually useful to your prospective customer. You’re first providing value and that builds good will. This is worlds better than what some relators send.





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