Direct Mail Advertising Costs: Is Direct Mail Right For You?

Direct mail advertising costs are best calculated based on the lifetime value of your customer and your return on investment. While many people think of this cost as a combination of USPS rates, cost of postcard printing, and other costs like lists, it’s best to look at the return on investment of a campaign based […]

Direct Marketing with Results: Scout's 25 Cent Postcard Program

What is Direct Marketing? Direct marketing directly markets products/services to buyers. An effective direct marketing strategy will increase your return on investment (ROI) by marketing to your customer base. Therefore, you are not wasting money sending advertisements to homes that are not likely to buy your product. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an effective […]

Postcard Marketing Examples to Knock Your Socks Off

Example postcards that will help you convert.

The Best Postcard Marketing Examples I run a Facebook Group whose members send millions of pieces of direct mail a month. Here are my favorite postcard marketing examples. My friend Devesh will happily convert any of these into a template for you for $50 to use inside of Scout or Illustrator/Photoshop to send off to […]

Join Our Free Direct Mail Marketing Group

Welcome to, or welcome back to the Scout Blog. We’ve been so busy chatting up direct mail on our direct mail marketing group on Facebook that we haven’t updated the blog. I’m so sorry! But I wanted to talk to you about what we’ve been up to on Facebook. Summary of our Direct Mail Marketing Group We’ve […]

This is Why Scout is The Best Postcard Marketing System

So, I’m biased because I made the best postcard marketing system. So take this blog with a grain of salt as I am writing about the product we built. But, it came out of our own frustration. We made it because we couldn’t find anyone else who was doing it. Printing is stuck in the […]

How to Build A Direct Mail Printing Price Comparison

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to getting started on a postcard campaign is choosing your printing service. If you caught our deep-dive on all things direct mail printing, chances are you already know some of the variables that affect printing prices. From postage options and the scale of your postcard send, to personalization and tech, there’s […]

Skyrocket Your Conversions With These Direct Mail Apps

What’s What in Direct Mail ROI Direct mail is a force in marketing, even in today’s digital economy. (Hint: we’ve written a lot about direct mail marketing’s impact ourselves.) Direct mail certainly has a lot of potential when it’s done right, especially when supported by direct mail apps. The potential reach of direct mail is enormous on […]

Want A Postcard Template For Word? First, Consider This...

A Postcard Template for Word? Nooo. There’s a better way! I have something better for you than a postcard template for Word or Google Docs. It’s a totally free postcard template, too. Are you looking for… An easy flexible way to design and print (and maybe) send postcards? Software that’s as just easy to use […]

A Field Guide to Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Tools

The market for real estate direct marketing tools is booming. With so many options available, it can be just as hard to pick a tool as to start a campaign. From targeting to printing and design, it can be hard to keep track of it all–let alone the good tools. We’ve removed the guesswork by organizing the […]

Ace Your Direct Mail Writing Strategy

While direct mail marketing may receive less attention than digital marketing, your customers still get a lot of it. That can make it tough to make you stand out from your competitors. Your direct mail writing strategy is essential to ensuring that your audience picks up your postcard and gives it second thought. With 77% of […]

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