Postcard Case Studies

Business Marketing with Physical Media in the Digital Age

Business Marketing in the Digital Age: In this digital age, most businesses do a lot of marketing on the internet. For example, businesses send people millions of emails every day. Also, we see ads on every webpage that we visit.  In addition, digital media does not use paper. As you can see, digital media is […]

Postcard Marketing Experts: Q&A with Imperfect Produce

At Scout, we’re always on the the 👀 for great postcard campaigns. When we came across Imperfect Produce’s near-perfect postcard, we were elated. They were clearly postcard marketing experts.  So we chatted with their Chief Marketing Officer, Aleks Strub and we had to know the story behind one of our favorite postcards. Postcard Marketing Expert: Imperfect […]

GrubHub knows how to design a postcard

GrubHub has made the perfect area mail marketing postcard. Bold Claim. Let’s first go over what area mail is and then we’ll talk about why GrubHub has done such a good job. Postcard Area Mail: Area mail is blanketing certain mail delivery routes. You get just a small bit of demographic information with area mail: […]

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