Month: February 2017

How To Do Direct Mail Targeting. Build Consumer, Occupant, Business, or Property Lists.

A good direct mail targeting list is key to a great mailing campaign. Basically, if you’re not targeting the right people, don’t bother. A pizza shop targeting people 50 miles away won’t be selling any pizzas from postcards. Personalization and targeting are essential to making your campaign effective. That being said, list building can sometimes get overwhelming. Where […]

Unique Real Estate Postcards With Killer Data

What do we mean when we say unique real estate postcards? As it stands, real estate professionals send some crazy weird postcards. Like out of left field weird. This is not what we mean. The direct mail industry seems to cater to these weird desires, too. Postcards are not like clickbait, you need to be […]

Every Door Direct Mail Route Targeting Tool Reviews

There are tons of every door direct mail route printing shops. The key to the success of your EDDM campaign is great targeting. Targeting is often some combination of demographics or location. Almost all EDDM tools we have found are half-service, they do some things really well and then make you struggle to complete your […]

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