Month: January 2017

EDDM Pricing Spreadsheet for 10 Big Print Shops

If you’re sending your postcard direct mail campaign with USPS EDDM (as opposed to purchasing a targeted list), you have a lot of size options and tons of printing options. This post is just about EDDM pricing, but that’s not all there is and if you don’t consider other factors, you’re flushing your money. But, price is […]

How to target your ideal zip codes with EDDM by USPS.

EDDM, also known as USPS Every Door Direct Mail, is a really inexpensive way to target customers for your direct mail marketing campaign. It’s not super precise, but you can mitigate that by targeting just the zip codes and routes that make the most sense for your product. This post will deal with targeting across all […]

Design Postcards that Convert

Almost everyone is bad at postcard design because… Most companies are terrible at writing great marketing copy. They’re even worse about editing down that copy. Worse so about talking about benefits, not features. When these three things come together it usually makes this… When I see this, I feel like caneman. It’s not your fault. It is because […]

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