Month: December 2016

Consumer Direct Mail Lists: Everything to Know Before You Buy

Are you thinking about buying consumer direct mail lists to target potential customers? The very first, and indeed the most important, thing you must consider is how you will get this list and who you will target. While you’ll likely struggle a lot with the who piece, you may just buy the list from whatever […]

Postcard Marketing, A Beginners Guide to Direct Mail

Our business is postcard marketing, so we know a bunch about direct mail marketing. We’ve spent a lot of time looking a direct mail marketing options (EDDM, hand written direct mail, non-postcard mail, the list goes on). Plus, huge brands like Chase, Verizon, Target, Chipotle, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon and a bunch of others use postcards. […]

Postcard Marketing Example: Verizon comes really close to making a great postcard

I really like Verizon as a company. They take my money. They provide a useful service and don’t try to be anything more than that. They just do one thing really well. That thing, it turns out, is not postcards. Let’s take a look at their work in this postcard marketing example teardown. Postcard marketing example: […]

10 crappy real estate postcards and 1 path forward

We were doing some research here at Scout for writing a blog post on our favorite real estate postcards and, honestly, what we found was so much utter trash. So let’s go through the trash first to help make sure you aren’t sending it now. Even if you are, it’s ok, we’ll help you clean […]

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