Month: November 2016

The very best "Just Sold" real estate postcard we've ever seen

There’s a lot of crappy real estate postcards. Like, an unlimited amount of crap. So when my good friend send me this card I was like, damn, this is the new gold standard. Relators, here’s why you should absolutely steal this approach. A postcard with a view Wow. DRONES. And, possibly even a fisheye camera. […]

Case Study: Great Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Chase sends tons of mail and they make a perfect case study for what makes for great direct mail marketing campaigns. I recently switched over to a new credit card, but Chase wanted to remind me of the benefits I left behind with my previous card. Here’s how they use direct mail marketing to get me to […]

Amazon's postcard is weird and makes no sense

For all of our clients we always tell them, it’s much better to send 100 cards 3 times over 8 weeks than 300 cards 1 time. Amazon knows this, too. But Amazon just got a little too confident in themselves that they designed their postcard to be cheeky instead of convincing. Here we go. Amazon’s […]

Gap Gets Postcard Marketing

GAP, the iconic brand that invented skinny jeans. That statement isn’t true of course, but I have never written a fake news article… so I wanted a little taste of it. Honestly, it was bittersweet. Focus. GAP knows what they are doing and keeps their postcard design simple. GAP’s Gold Postcard Marketing Bliss So good. Here’s why […]

Clever Postcard Sayings & Using Negative Headlines

One of our customer happened to test out some clever postcard sayings as Google ads before he sent his card.  It turns out, “hate PG&E” was the clever postcard saying that drove clicks. Let’s dive deep into this solar postcard we designed. Hate is a terrible thing to waste Wow see, doesn’t that headline just […]

Clever Postcard Messages by Sprig

Sprig is a meal delivery service here in San Francisco and they have some pretty clever postcard messages and a nice little trick to boost their conversion rate. There are basically 12 million meal delivery companies now (thanks venture capital!) I think they are different because you can only order a few things, they come […]

Amazon makes a delicious postcard

Hello there again postcard fans. Today we have a special treat for you, pictures of food… from Amazon. No, they don’t come in 2 days in cardboard boxes. They come superfast from some of your favorite local restaurants here in San Francisco. This postcard is near pasta perfect, so let’s whip up another batch of […]

How to make a postcard: Here is everything you should never do.

Ever wanted to see an example of what not to do when designing a postcard? Here’s a postcard that is full of so much chaos, that it embodies everything that you should avoid. If you want to learn how to make a postcard for a direct mail campaign, keep reading. Learn from the mistakes of […]

A dead simple real estate postcard

What’s the cliché? A picture is worth a 1000 words? Well, it’s true. Front: wham, bam then just the facts ma’am Ok so a few things you might not notice at first glance. Let’s take a look at the things that make this postcard a cut above. The building looks modern, sunny, and colorful. Eye catching! The […]

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