Month: September 2016

Hit Your Target Audience like Target with a Simple Postcard

Target hit its target audience with this simple, but brilliant, postcard. Now, let’s jump right into this card. I’m a Target VIP. I’m a member of Target’s target audience. Target told me in big bold letters that I’m an important person on their 5×7 postcard. Sending me a compliment in big bold letters… I love […]

A+ for Nextdoors Super Secret Postcard Tactics

Nextdoor is a social network for your neighborhood. With Nextdoor you can learn about what your neighbors REALLY think of your lawn care skills (hint: they aren’t impressed). The only way to see their comments on your Christmas decorations (hint: you could be doing worse) is to verify your address with a postcard. But, they don’t […]

Dear Realtors: Personalize Your Postcards with Data

There’s so much data that realtors can use to provide prospective buyers and sellers useful information. Let’s take a look what’s out there and how you can use it. Don’t Deny Great Data There’s a lot of data out their on home owners. Let’s talk about the two most important types of data. Targeting Targeting […]

Relator postcards with data from space and spreadsheets

Postcards are a perfect marketing tactic for realtors because: There are tons of ways to personlize cards with data You can speak to 100% of your prospects Relators don’t take advantage of #1, at all. We worked on a proposal (concept, design, etc) for a company called Knockaway, who will buy your home in Atlanta […]

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