Month: August 2016

Postcard Marketing Example: Bed Bath and Beyond's postcard is so good they get scammed

Probably the most well known brand postcard you’ve ever seen is Bed Bath and Beyond’s card. Look familiar…   A perfect consumer postcard front The front of this card is near perfect. Huge discount that catches your eye, their brand is the next biggest thing, and then there’s a reminder that this 20% applies to […]

Postcard Marketing Example: San Francisco's Department of Elections can do a better postcard

As another segment in our postcard marketing example series, let me first applaud San Francisco’s Department of Elections for sending postcards to people to get them to participate in our democracy. It’s a laudable goal. Furthermore, they did so in multiple languages! How great is that… it’s great. But, they could have done a much […]

Imperfect Produce Makes the Perfect Postcard

I had never heard of Imperfect Produce, but I love the idea and I love their postcard even more. I’m going to subscribe because of this postcard. In California we throw away a lot of produce because it’s ugly; this company can acquire it for pennies on the dollar and charge me for delivery and […]

Equinox postcards sell a better version of you

We like to take brand’s postcards and provide feedback on them here on the Scout blog. We often give them grades based on how effective they are at two key things in their direct mail marketing efforts: Using the format of a postcard to convey a message. Convincing the person reading to act on your […]

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