Month: April 2016

Elements of Design in Chipotle's Perfect Postcard

I’ve seen a ton of postcards and Chipotle’s is one of my favorites. After the salmonella, E. coli, and norovirus outbreaks, Chipotle couldn’t rely on its name alone and had to give away millions in free food to lure people back. So, they used postcards. By now, they have perfected the elements of design that make-up their […]

Postcards for relators: A picture of every house and its estimated value

In the Real Estate industry, sending postcards is often called “farming.” It’s a process where you send the same postcard to as many people as you can for as cheap as you can to advertise one of three things: That you’ve just sold a house nearby. That you’ve just listed a house nearby. To find […]

Solar Postcards, Print a Card Unique to Every Roof

Postcards? How can a postcard possibly convince anyone of anything? Well, customization of course, by providing the recipient useful information. Satellite roof shots: We use Google’s Project Sunroof as well as Lob’s API to print custom cards for every address. This includes: Number of hours of sunlight the house gets per year. The number of square feet […]

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