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Direct Mail Advertising Costs: Is Direct Mail Right For You?

Direct mail advertising costs are best calculated based on the lifetime value of your customer and your return on investment. While many people think of this cost as a combination of USPS rates, cost of postcard printing, and other costs like lists, it’s best to look at the return on investment of a campaign based […]

Direct Marketing with Results: Scout's 25 Cent Postcard Program

What is Direct Marketing? Direct marketing directly markets products/services to buyers. An effective direct marketing strategy will increase your return on investment (ROI) by marketing to your customer base. Therefore, you are not wasting money sending advertisements to homes that are not likely to buy your product. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an effective […]

How To Create a Marketing Budget for Your Business

3 Calculations You Need to Know

Marketing can be an incredible source of growth for your business, and you know you should probably be doing more than you are. You’ve already done your research, so you know that digital ads, social media, direct mail, and email campaigns are all valuable tools that are available to you. And now you’re ready to […]

Business Marketing with Physical Media in the Digital Age

Business Marketing in the Digital Age: In this digital age, most businesses do a lot of marketing on the internet. For example, businesses send people millions of emails every day. Also, we see ads on every webpage that we visit.  In addition, digital media does not use paper. As you can see, digital media is […]

Make EDDM Cost Less by Working with Scout

Why does EDDM cost less with Scout? Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a marketing strategy that helps you target the homes that fit your audience. First, you select a zip-code that fits your audience. Then, USPS will deliver a postcard to every door in that zip-code. The one downside is that EDDM can become […]

Send Physical Postcards to Trump Online

Want to send postcards to trump online? Or to send custom postcards to any number of folks in the Whitehouse or Congress? Want to even know if they have read your postcard? Scout Studio can help you design custom cards with customized messages to participate in YOUR government! Send Postcards to Trump Online Here’s an […]

Ultimate Postcard Template Guide

You’re likely here for a postcard template, but I’ve got so much more in store for you. Sure, I’ve got 100+ postcard examples below, but if you’re here for a postcard marketing template that converts, well you’ve come to the right place. We know the conversion rates because we’ve either talked to the folks who […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Great Postcard Marketing Design:

5 ½ Real-World Examples

I’ve been in the direct mail marketing business for long enough now that I’ve stopped counting the years – it makes me feel old. Through all my time in this industry, I’ve seen mountains of different postcard mailers of all sizes, designs, and quality. Here’s the most important thing I’ve noticed: Good design matters. Without […]

Join Our Free Direct Mail Marketing Group

Welcome to, or welcome back to the Scout Blog. We’ve been so busy chatting up direct mail on our direct mail marketing group on Facebook that we haven’t updated the blog. I’m so sorry! But I wanted to talk to you about what we’ve been up to on Facebook. Summary of our Direct Mail Marketing Group We’ve […]

This is Why Scout is The Best Postcard Marketing System

So, I’m biased because I made the best postcard marketing system. So take this blog with a grain of salt as I am writing about the product we built. But, it came out of our own frustration. We made it because we couldn’t find anyone else who was doing it. Printing is stuck in the […]

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